DMB from Germany

DMB by:Scott Bejda


When people think of rap they used to think of New York or Cali but anymore the main place they think of is the dirty south such as Atlanta, New Orleans or Memphis. If DMB (Dat Muthafucka Burga) aka SchorleFace has his way people will soon think of places like Germany. Actually Germany has a huge rap scene. As time goes on I am starting to see more and more rappers from different countries pop up, but DMB is not new to this. This is actually his 3rd full length album with a rap career that goes back to the early 90s. and he is poised to take the States by storm with his latest effort. Recently Down Low had the chance to chop it up with the German MC.  

Tell the readers who you are and where you are from?
I am a German Rap artist straight outta S-Dub town (Schweinfurt) Germany. I am 32 years old and I have been a rap fan ever since I heard Run DMCs “Sucker MCs. Schweinfurt is a small town filled with American spirit because we have about 18,000 GI’s here. It is also a place where a lot of good wine is coming from as you can see on the SF album cover. I’m addicted to wine, hah!

Is there are big rap scene over in Germany?
Yeah the rap scene in Germany is still pretty big. I never saw me as a part of it because I want to reach everybody. There is a lot of talent out there but I feel that most of them don’t care about the history of rap. I guess it is that way because a lot of the big names in rap in Germany are real young and their listeners are too. There is a lot of beef in German rap so there is a lot of dissin’ goin’ on! I used to diss and battle rap but that is not the type of person I am today.
When did you start rapping and what inspired you?
I started rappin’ back in ’92 eith a group called 360 Degrees. There were seven people from America, Germany, and an Albanian. We did a couple of shows and recorded a few songs but we were too young to get it all straight. The Albanian dude is still making music too so I guess this is a good opportunity to give a shout to him…Adrian and his brothers, I know you will make it, keep it real homies! I got inspired by the lifestyle that I chose. I am from a town where people work real hard for their money. My Father was working 14 hour days so we could eat good. My family was never poor but far from high society.
Where did you grow up?
I grew up in S-Dub Citys Gartenstadt which is a neighborhood where industy working families used to live. A lot of my friends way back then were half breeds like someone with a German Mother and a Afro-American Dad. When we used to hang out in the Gartenstadt or a neighborhood called Bergl, we was always listening to C-Bo, Bottom Posse, NWA, Geto Boys, ETC…We bought our music in American stores.

Who are some of your influences?
Woodie (RIP), Run DMC, 2 Live Crew, Too Short, SPM< Sir Dyno, 3-6 Mafia, Al Kapone, all of the 90s Rapalot artists, NWA, and Haystak just to name a few!
For the people who have not heard your music, how would you best describe it?
I describe our music as Universal! Burger Records is like a family and together we stay together we fall, even though we are not here to fall we are here to ball! We do music to express how we feel and each man has a different way to assimilate things in life. I rap to do that! It started out as a hobby but right now we are getting better and people are starting to recognize our game. I listen to all kinds of rap styles so I cant keep one.
You rap pretty good in English, which do you prefer doing ...English or German?
As you know I started rappin with a few German and Afroamerican guys along with two Albanians. We didn’t say “Let’s write in English!” All of us grew up on US rap, so we started to rap in English. I did a few songs in German but I only listen to US rap so it is a must to rap in English with an S-Dub Slang! Sometimes I include German words like how Latins do it in Spanish. I love the German language but the DMB is rappin’ in English.
What else have you put out in the streets (Past albums) ?
Right now I got three albums out. The first two albums were “Dat Mutha Fucka Burga”, and “Ma Passion” and they were built on anger. 360 Degrees broke up and friendships died! I am a loyal mutha fucka and I do help people but if my kindness gets mistreated then I can turn into a beast. I was searching for a way to release the anger and I found it once again in my first love, the rap music. The outcome of the first two was a wicked 1st album and a dark second album so all of yall that’s reading this here if you like that dark sound go get my previous albums.
Tell me about you're record label?
It is not my only record label, but my brother and I started this one. We got really tired of going out to the same clubs and drinking our money away so my bro Marcello got the first equipment and I wrote and rapped my ass off. With my bro Straight, Burger-Records would not be here. Later DJ Muhammed Cem joined the team to fill our music with scratches. We are from the oldschool and I cant make an album with out scratches. Two years ago a long time friend B-Dub joined our label and this playa brought fresh wind. He is doing a lot of production and me and him are in contact everyday to find our way to the top. After we do it all I will probably leave the Mic alone and then I will manage the label. I have been pushing the underground a long time by selling CDs of independent artists on the web and I know there are a lot of cats out there that need to get a chance. Maybe one time on Burger Records!
Do you have any other acts signed to the label?
Yeah we are working with Domi D who is a St. Louis G, who liked Germany so much that he stayed here after his Army time. His album will drop in late 2010 and you can be 100% sure that this one will rock. Another option that we have is Dio who is on Schorleface and he raps in German. Burger Records is like a family thing and the shoe has to fit before it gets worn.

Tell the readers about your new album?
I grew up on that 80s and 90s rap and this one here is my gift to all those playas who are missing this type of sound. The first part of the album is G-Funk and the second part is a little harder. Rap gave me a lot now I’m giving some back. I guess a lot of readers are asking what the fuck does “Schorleface” mean? Schorle is a mixture between wine and sparkling water and I love to drink wine and when I have had a lot of that stuff I get this look on my face where one eye is closed, and one eye is half open. That’s Schorleface!

Is SchorleFace different from your previous recordings?
Yes it is! First, a lot of the songs were produced by D-Dub who is producing completely different then my brother Straight. Secondly I realize that after two anger-made records, that a mad man won’t make no money. I had to change my thoughts and kill my ego because I am out to get rich.

What is the message do you want to get across with Schorleface?
The main message is to be yourself and stop hatin! I don’t use rap to prove anything and I aint looking for competition. I wanna show young people that there is no reason to hate on someone who is making money. You see this hatin disease is even worse than HIV. People need to get their self motivation back in order to create their own things. To me the most beautiful things on this planet are family and making money.

If you could work with any rappers from the USA who would they be and why?
If Woodie would still be here he would be the first one I would like to work with. I dedicated my song “When We Drink” to him because to me he was the best in the game. RIP Wood! Same thang with DJ Screw!!Rip! Another one that I would love to work with is SPM, but as you know he is on lock. I can’t believe that he did the shit he is convicted for. Free SPM! As you know homie I am a collector ever since I listened to rap. There are a lot of playas out there and I aint no hater so who ever wants to work with me hit me up.
Would you like to come to the States to perform?
To be honest I wasn’t on stage for a long time. We started making music to make a lil’ change with our hobby, but as we started getting better and better with everything I would say there is a chance to get me back on stage.

If people want to buy your album and check out your previous CDs where can they go?
(Your site and CDbaby, myspace, ect.)
SF will be available as a download in every online store real soon as well as the first two albums. The CDs are available at, and We do sell our music as $4.90 downloads so everyone can get our dope legal.
Before we go is there anything else that you would iike to add homie?
Yeah if you need beats, graphics, or song lyrics we can hook you up. Holla at Scott or me to handle some business! Burger Records 4 Life! 1 Luv! Much respect to all the supporters!