Downlow interview-Eli Ace


Eli Ace by: Scott Bejda



    Rap in Utah? Who the hell would have thought that. All you have to do is talk to Eli Ace and he will tell you that Salt Lake City is fueling with underground rap talent. Eli has his own brand of music and wants everyone to know that Utah doesn’t only consist of Mormons and conservatives. Recently DL chopped it up with the Salt Lake representative about his take on America’s views about Utah, and rap in general!

    Where are you reppin’ homie?
    Salt Lake City Utah!
    Damn! What the hell is the rap game like over there?
    We got a real big local underground scene, but we are not really recognized as far as a national scene outside of our area.
    Why do you think that is?
    There is a misconception about Utah being a Mormon state and we are real conservative but it is not like that. If you really go to Salt Lake City you will see that it is like any other big city across the nation. That is one of my main things is to clear out all of the rumors and put Salt Lake City on the map.
    In your area are there a lot of cats rappin’?
    Oh yeah there is a lot of underground cats on the scene but in my opinion only a couple of good ones.
    Describe your music?
    It is real passionate! I keep it real street and hood but it has a unique sound also. If I could only say one thing about it I would say that it is passionate. I speak on a lot of real topics.
    Yeah, but is it club or street or a mixture of everything?
    I stay away from the radio play club type vibe so I would say it is more street.
    It is mid-west, west, or does Utah have its own sound?
    I see a lot of cats around here try to do the whole “Hyphy” sound from the bay area, and then some cats try to come with an east coast kind of flo. I would say that my shit is something different. With me I’m trying to keep it 100% original.
    Do you do your own beats or do you work with producers?
    I work with producers a lot of my beats are produced by one of my close friends and people in the circle.
    What do you have coming out?
    I got the “I am the Lake” mixtape coming out this spring.







































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