Downlow interview B-Real


B-Real by: Scott Bejda & Tony Garcia photo Estevan Oriol, design KC


  • I’ve been a fan since around the 6th or 7th grade man! What can you tell me about your solo album “Smoke & Mirrors?”
    I have been working on this one for the past few years since I have had time off from Cypress Hill. I’m just trying to extend and branch out as a solo artist and a producer and this album gave me the opportunity to do that.

    When is it due to come out?
    It will be out February 24th.

    What can you tell me about your solo album? Does it compare to your earlier stuff with the group like “How I Could Just Kill A Man?”
    It is totally different from the earlier stuff. I don’t think it compares to any of that because my style has always evolved. I speak about what is going on now and I got different producers who contributed to some of the stuff that that I have done. With the Cypress Hill stuff it is me, Sen Dog, Muggs, and Bob, but with my solo stuff it is pretty much me. I knocked it all out myself and it took a minute to get the right songs. Once we got it done it became a cohesive piece.

    Back in the day when Cypress Hill really started to take off, what was life like for you? Were things pretty hectic?
    It was pretty hectic because we were trying to keep our heads above water and get used to all of the shit that comes with fame. We didn’t anticipate how successful we would be because I just wanted to make good records and see where things went. As the ball started rolling and we became more popular it got a little bit harder. As you go along you evolve and everything becomes second nature to you. You kind of have to take it day by day and learn to roll with all of those punches.

    I go to Canada a lot and they are no where near as hard on the weed laws as the State. Why do you think the States are so anti-Marijuana?
    It is one of those things where the conservatives and the religious rights get behind it and they know it should be legal. It could really stimulate the economy because there are a lot of smokers. From the growers to the consumers there is money to be made on marijuana on all levels. It gets stopped because of those hard liners but if they broke down those laws and realized how much money they could make from taxing it shit would help the economy in a major way.

    Do you think life will improve for us under Obama compared to the last eight years with Hitler, I mean Bush?
    We’ll have to see because it is too soon right now. A lot of these politicians talk to get your vote but we will see if he shows and proves. Hopefully he will because a lot of people believe in him. Bush had one agenda and that was to clean up his Father’s old business and it definitely wasn’t in the best interest of the people. Hopefully Obama does have the best interest of the people as a Country. It remains to be seen!


    What were your views on the war in Iraq?
    It is a fine line because a lot of people believed that we needed to go down there to take out Saddam, but the reasons we went over there were for the wrong reasons. I support the soldiers but they are merely doing a job that our government sent them to do so you can’t blame them.

    Do you have any guest features?
    Yeah I got Too Short, Kurupt, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, and some other people we are bringing out of our camp. I didn’t intend to have so many features but it just happened.
    What label are you with?
    Duck Down Records. They are pushing my shit and are excited about and I’m happy with it. I couldn’t have ended up at a better place.

    How do you feel about the rap game today?
    It is so blown out of proportion like how it used to be. Now there is a shit load of groups and some of them come with some good shit that has a lot of substance and the flip side to that is there is also a lot of bullshit. That is the balance and you have to have the good and the bad. It is constantly growing and I think it good. It is just in a cycle right now. People complain about it because it is all materialistic bullshit but there is music out there with substance you just have to go out there and find it.

    What about Cypress Hill, can we expect an album?
    We got one coming out in September. We don’t have a label in mind yet but we are working on some things. All I can say right now is it is going to be aggressive gritty hip hop.

    Are you guys doing shows right now?
    In March we are heading out with EPMD for about six weeks. We will be busy with a lot of music this year for sure.

    Is there anything else you can say to the Down Low readers before we go?
    I just want to thank everyone for their support during the course of our careers. We are back with some new music and hopefully people will enjoy what we got. Also go to





































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