Downlow interview-Mr. Brown


Mr. Brown by: Scott Bejda



    Where are you from?
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin but I am originally from Mississippi.

    How would you describe your style?
    If I would have to pick anybody I would say my style is similar to Scarface mixed with a little more shit up to date. Face tells a real story and that’s what I’m about. 

    Being that you lived in the south and the Mid-West does that come out in your music?
    I got a good blend of both and it does show in my music. A lot of people don’t think that I am actually from Milwaukee even though I have been here this long.
    What made you move to Milwaukee?
    I moved here to be with my Moms when I was a little kid. I still got family down in Mississippi so I go there from time to time.

    What is Milwaukee like in 2009 as far as the streets?
    It is pretty wild because a lot of young cats are ridiculous. They ain’t got no morals and there is no honor amongst thieves. There is too much killing going on. Also there is a lot of telling and snitching going on too. People do what they can to get money and when they get popped off they go to telling on somebody else. There too much craziness out there.

    There’s no rules!
    Right! You gotta carry a pistol because everybody has one. Brutal shit!

    What about the music Scene in Milwaukee?
    There’s a lot of cats out here that want to rap and there are some cats that are alright that just need someone to polish them up a little bit. Everybody wants to be the best rapper in the city or they think they are the best but you cats gotta get more albums under your belt. You gotta come see me because my record is consistent.

    How long have you been rapping?
    I have been rappin’ for awhile.

    How much product have you released over the years?
    I got about three or four different mixtapes, six solo albums and three group albums.
    So you are not a rookie by any means?
    No I have been doing this for along time. I have always had a love for music.

    What is the title of your newest project?
    I got one right now which I don’t know if you want to call it an album or a mixtape but what I call it is “The Free Album” because I’m giving it away for free. I’m just putting it out here to have something for the people to listen to while they are waiting for the next album. After that I am coming out with “The Brown Album” probably around the beginning of summer or the end of Spring.
    Before we go do you have a myspace page so people can get a hold of some of your music?
    Yeah they can go to





































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