Downlow interview-Slim Thug


Slim Thug by: Scott Bejda



    A lot of people like BG, and Jim Jones did quite well on Koch selling a lot of units. You could potentially do real well with a label like Koch!
    Koch has a hella of a staff over there and they got the radio on lock. It is an independent label but they got the radio on lock. I was impressed how they get their shit out there with the BET, and MTV look. And the radio is amazing because they have a hellava staff that will work and promote the music hard. That’s why I reached out to them and work with them because they are hard at work and don’t play around. At the end of the day you have to have respect for that shit!

    What kind of deal do you have with them?
    I got a distribution deal out of Koch and I like that type of shit because you get more money out of your product that way. Overall this situation was real good for me and my label man. This is what I was looking for.

    Tell me about your upcoming album “The Boss of All Bosses?”
    This is my second solo but it feels like my first because this is how I was suppose to come out the first time being that this one is independent. When I put “already Platinum” out I was suppose to put it out independent and that is why I named it “Already Platinum” because it was suppose to be me being independent because I was living like niggaz who already went platinum.

    It sounds like you are happy to be off of Interscope?
     It just so happened that Interscope cut that good check so I had to get down with them, but I’m back independent now and “The Boss of All Bosses” is done how I want to do it. There were no A & R’s involved in this one it was just me picking out what I wanted to do. I20picked out all of the beats and all of the music and had a choice in every single thing that was done on this project. It’s a real Slim Thug album!

    So you had more control then?
    I had control over everything on this one and that is what I like. I don’t knock the major system because they treated me very good. Interscope treated me real good and I enjoyed working over there.

    What happened then?
    The reason we fell off was they changed their whole staff over there and when you change the staff it is hard to get on the same page. It ain’t no beef I just rather be in control of my music and be the boss for real because that’s what I do. This is my shit and I want to run it the way I want to.

    Do you get more hands on with your concerns with the staff at Koch?
    With everything! I know everybody up there and over at Interscope there was so many people. It was like working with strangers and if one mutha fucka wasn’t doing their job it was hard to point your finger at them but over here at Koch the label is so small I know exactly to call when something ain’t going my way or when I want to talk to somebody. It is more of a comfortable situation.

    Tell me more about the album. What kind of features do you have?
    I got so many man but mainly I got a lot of Houston artists. I wanted to work with cats who I had a lot of love for their music and I got a lot of legends on here. Some people might not have heard of some of them but a lot of people have. I got cats like Scarface, UGK, Z-Ro, Trae, Mike Jones, Paul Wall and everybody who is affiliated out of Houston. I got a song with everybody and throughout the album I got some features with them. Last night I did a song with Ludacris and I did one with Plies. I got some serious heat on here.

    It sounds like it is a real good Houston record!
    Yeah, and that’s what I wanted it to be. I wanted to be a real good Houston record. I wanted it to be about Houston. At first when it started out I wasn’t sure the direction it would in, but that’s what it end up turning out to be. I wanted to work with a lot of my other artists out of the city.

    Aside from rappin’ are you doing any other business ventures like film or maybe even some real estate?
    Yeah I usually do a lot of that but I have been slowing down a lot lately with the recession coming through like it has been. There is no telling what the fuck it going to happen and how long shit is going to take to pick up so I have been chillin’ a lot on that shit. Me and my homeboys are going to open up this restaurant down town and see how that works out, but that’s about it right now. I’m just trying to get this music back in order and try to get my other artists off their feet.





































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