Downlow:What the hell happened to rap music? If you crave the lyrical, metaphoric, rap with a whole lot of originality then look no further. Virginia Beach MC, Frost Bite who now calls California home is here to take hip hop back to its roots.

Describe your style homie?

My style is new school intelligent hip hop. One MC told me that I am a mixture of MC Search, and Nas.

So you are more into the verbal side of things?

Yeah, punch lines are cool, but unless you mean it and know what every syllable means then it is worthless to me bro. I don’t study one person, but when I listen to rap I totally listen to it. I will rewind it and get every word so I can see exactly what page this cat was on. I read all types of books just to add vocab.

So do you spit a lot of metaphors?

I spit metaphives dawg!

How long have you been rapping?

July of ’08 makes six years so I’m still kind of like a sophomore. I earned this shit and put in a lot of hard work.

What do you have coming out?

In May I am dropping my new album which is called “Old Time Religion.” That will be in stores in 22 states by

May 1st.

Tell me about the title?

Old folks use to say “Gimme That Old Time Religion!” When they said it, it meant like a return to Jesus, or a return to your morals. I sort of mean the same thing because I am returning to true hip hop. Hip hop is about 80% fluff now days, and the radio is even worse. I keep it 100% real, and I keep it 100% KRS, like I like to call it.

What did you grow up listening to?

KRSOne, Kool Moe Dee, Masta Ace, Big Daddy Kane, Ice Cube,

IceT, and Public Enemy.

What would it take to change the game?

It would take a MC like me kicking it in its ass and pushing it on its side. I think we need a revolution of lyricist. We need to get these whack MCs the fuck out of here.

They are going platinum off ring tones now!

Thank you! They are gay as hell!

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Virginia Beach, but now I am in Humboldt County which is the land of the good green.

How did you like the herb when you moved to California?

Virginia was the only weed that I knew and I thought I was getting good shit, but when I got out here I saw the art that they put into it. This is the best weed in the world. I have beento Panama, andEgyptand this is the best weed.

Downlow Magazine: You went to Egypt?

Yes while I was in the Air Force. I was in the Air Force for four years from 1996 to the end of ’99.

Are you doing shows right now?

The Voodoo tour jumps off in Eureka California on March the 1st and it goes all the way to Boston. I even got three shows coming up inAlaska. At the end of this year we are going to do Puerto Rico, and Europe.

Downlow Magazine:How do you put this shit together?

Luckily I am involved with Halo Black,

Psychosis, and Hip hop Congress. Hip hop Congress is international and I have people in 26 countries helping me. It is good to be associated with good people who do what they can to help, and living in so many spots has helped me network.

How many tracks are on the album?


Do you have any guest features?

I got Sade, Mista FAB, Turf Talk, Young Picasso, and some others. I think this is my best piece of work to date.

Any videos?

I’m working on the video for the song “The Flag Ship” which is half animated. It is going to be hard! I’m working on getting it on MTV2. It should be on

youtube before I go on tour March 1st.

Is there anything else?

I want to give my props to you, Down Low, Halo, Hip hop Congress, and my Voodoo Camp.

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Interviw by Scott Bejda Downlow Magazine

5 nd Black. Holla my brother.