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Downlow Magazine:Why are so many Spanish speaking rappers so far away from any political form of rap? Downlow Magazine:Because niggaz call it “political rap.” It’s not it’s just music about what goes on in the hood for real, not just yelling about selling drugs and being rich. There are more aspects to the hood than that and there are more ways to get out of the ghetto than being a crack dealer or a basketball player. If that was the case even more of our people would be locked down. If the girls who dances in the club had to buy a record that was labelled “slut music” by niggaz like you and other people that feed the streets with terminology’s a few less of them would listen to it. I’m sure some still

would and laugh about it thinking it was a joke but some of them would get it, and be like “what the fuck.“ By the way, I’m, not Spanish nigga, I ain’t from Spain. I’m not a white European. I’m Peruvian and Black. Holla my brother.

Are we as Latin kids brainwashed into thinking all we can rhyme about is weed and muchachas?

No, but we are brainwashed by the Spanish speaking media into the perception of our people, you turn on Univision and they only have white soap stars, they only have light skinned blond haired hosts and celebrities. We as a people have always been taught to be ashamed of the Black and Indigenous roots of our people. We have always been taught that somehow the European who never defeated us on the battlefield but rather used the first mass scale of genetic warfare and trick knowledge to enslave our people was superior to us. We are taught that before 1492 we were savages and that our Gods were just some heathen brujeria. Jesus Christ and the Christian religion as a European interpretation is just as guilty of genocide as Hitler’s interpretation of Democratic Fascism. We can rhyme and write about whatever we want it just has to presented to the hood in the right fashion. As soon as niggaz see it being something about Revolution they get scared. Mad niggaz that talk tough are really pussy and don’t want any real change.

Downlow Magazine:Who do you love in the rap game?

Anyone who isn’t afraid to be who they are. Someniggazthinkit’scooltolivein the hood and be dumb. I’m from the hood and I’m proud to be smart and to know how to hustle correctly. Being in jail doesn’t make you real, it means you fucked up or you was hanging out with

snitch niggaz. I fucked up andI was sent to prison for multiple assault charges. That doesn’t mean I have to pretend I’m some mindless thug. My street hustle withtheCD’sandTshirtshelpedmesell 80,000 records of the last release and that shit was at between $5 $8. I always speak my mind and I’m down to back my arguments with words or with all the force that me and my army of muthafuckaz can build up.

Downlow Magazine:Man you had one video that should have got you arrested; people are digging your music how does that feel?

I didn’t even make that video, the supporters of the movement did. It was that serious. At the end of the day I just hope that the music I make has niggaz thinking about what’s really going on in their neighbourhood. If we are going to act like we run the hood and we have any control over our lives then why can’t we step up and confront the people who are causing us the most amount of oppression and hardship.

I know you are political has Estado Unidos gone loco, they at war with the world?

No, they aren’t crazy. They just want to consolidate as much money as possible.

What do you think of rappers like Paris, Chuck D?

I’ve worked with them in the past and I look forward to working with them again. They are veterans not only of the rap game but also of exposing the truth behindAmerica’s two faced democracy. Not to say that this country doesn’t have opportunities that other countriesdon’t,Ithinkdemocracyisa beautiful thing but there are flaws in the system.

Why is there no brown panthers considering all the shit our gente take?

There are, they are called the Brown Berets. They have chapters all over California and they have been confronting the Minutemen and teaching young children of our nation about what they need to know about their history. They are based out of the Bay area but they are all over the place now I just did a big event with them in Watsonville on the 17th of April.

You like the Beatnuts?


What do you think of racism in this country?

It’s just found a new bunch of reasons to exist. Immigration, Terrorism and a bad economy.

Anything more?

New mixtape and album coming soon. Help these people. They are fighting for our Latinopeople’sright toexistandtofeedthe hood. Don’t talk all that gangsta shit and then not do anything. HipHop is also unionizing itself. Get with the program.