MISTAH FAB by Nima Etminan of Dubcnn

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Downlow Magazine:Whats up man, we're right here with Mistah FAB, what's going on with you?

Just sitting up, getting ready to make the West Coast get our buzz back, we got a lot oftroopsonthefrontlinerightnow,fromthe Glasses Malone's to the Jay Rock's to a lot of the new troops that's ready to resurrect the coast, so I'm just ready to play my part. It's looking good though for us right now.

So what's that part that you wanna play?

Just being a new face that people can identify with, a personality, and to make good music and show people that it's not just about the stereotypes that the West Coast has been getting lately. It's different genres to our music, and everybody is putting together great music. It's a beautiful thing to be a part of the West Coast, it makes you feel good again to say "I'm from California", cause you're looking up and down the coast and you see different movements, a lot of different artists with different sounds, and I'm just playing my partasfarasbringingmysound,mygenre, my personality, my character, my representation of the area, to the coast.

Howmuchwould yousaythatthewhole controversy over your "Ghost Ride It" song helped you move forward with your career?

I've been through a lot of stuff, I've been through more than your average artist man, as far as obstacles and endeavours that may be stagnating to ones career. But I think in life we all go through things and we have to realize that certain things are put in front of us to constantly work over and get through, to see how hard and how serious it is for us. Some people would quit, andit'snotmeantforthemtogetthere. Ithink everything worth having is worth going through something for. I've been through a lot of controversy, from not being played on my local radio station for over a year and a half, but still being one of the most relevant artists, to getting my video banned and my song banned, all types of stuff. Or being on a major label and having your album held up, I've just been going through a lot of stuff but it only makes me stronger as an artist and as a person, cause it shows me that there must be something for me to have if I'm going through all this, so I just gotta keep at it.

You're featured on Snoop's album, on the song with Too Short, "Life Of Da Party". Tell us about that song and how that song got created.

Oh that song was crazy man! We was at the house with Short, and he's like my god dad. We was at the house just chilling, lounging, and there was a knock on the door. We were like "Who knows we stay here? Who's that?" It was Snoop's crazy ass! He stayed upstairs, and he was like "Nephew, what's up with ya'll! Short, I need you to get on this album man. I'm ego trippin' man, I ain't putting nobody on the album." Short was like "Let's go upstairs Fab, come let's go!" We went upstairs and we were just sitting up chilling, and I started freestyling, and Snoop's like "What's that?" I was like "I don't know!" and he was like "That sounds good, go lay that!" and I was like "You know it!!" So I just got on there man. Snoop is like a big brother to me man, he's like that big brother that shows you a lot of love and teaches you a lot of lessons. Short is like a father figure, cause he's been around so long, andit'sjustawonderfulthingtobeinthemiddle of them two dudes! The Godfather and the Doggfather, I think a lot of artists go their whole career and never get the chance to work with those guys. Between those two dudes, that's the most history in music, that's gotta be like a trivia question, who got the most time in the game, I don't think nobody got more time than Too Short and Snoop Dogg relevant time that is.

Yeh that's crazy to see you right there with these two dudes on a song, and that's the song with the only features on the whole album!

Only features, that was crazy! I'm still shocked thatI'm onthesong, I saw the video andI'mlike "Damn! Look I'm really between Snoop Dogg and Too Short!" Snoop is like Elvis man, people don't realize how big Snoop is!

Ya'll shot the video for it in Las Vegas right?

Yeah we did it big in a casino. One of the homeboys that worksfor the Malouf's, his name is Jay Jay, he could get you anything you need in Vegas, and no other casino was gonna give us the casino. Jay Jay hooked it up, we got the casino in Vegas at the Palms, the video is crazy, it's bananas! We're gonna take it to TRL like next week, doing VH1... It's Snoop Dogg, so he's gonna do it big!

That's a good look for the Bay too!

It's not even the Bay, this is California! For so long, people have been saying "I'm Bay" or "I'm L.A.", and that's where the difference has been. We've been loosing like that, because if unite the soldiers in California, then you're unstoppable! People be like "I'm from the Bay" and I ain't gonna lie, I've been guilty of it myself, not realizing the power of numbers. As of lately man, I've been going down to L.A. working with a lot of cats and just being in the streets out there, and I realize the power in numbers. We're pushing this California movement, it's called One West, and it's just One West! The Bishop Lamont's to the Damani's to the Jay Rock's to the Roccett's to Glasses Malone's, a lot of the younger guys, we're uniting and puttingtheOneWesttogether. It'sspearheaded by the Snoop Dogg's, the Mack 10's, the Too Short's and the E40's, and we'regettinga lot of love, it's a beautiful thing for California.

Definitely. Downlow Magazine:So what's next for you though, musically?

I got an album with Glasses Malone called "The Sideshow".

Hold up, you got an album with Glasses Malone?

Yeah! Me and Glasses Malone got an album together

When did that happen?

We did it about 78 months ago! I've been